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Hilary Duff Icons

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Welcome to hilarydufficons created and maintained by lethia and joemacsanne! This is a community where anyone can post Hilary Duff icons, banners, graphics, signs, and layouts! You can make requests, just be as specific as possible! Enjoy the icons and please read the rules!

More than FOUR icons and ALL banners MUST be behind a lj-cut!!
Do not hotlink
Credit the icon maker
Comment on what you are taking.
Do not steal or you will be banned.
Do not customize unless you are given special permission.
Any questions just ask.
You can request icons, just make a post.
Enjoy the icons!
PROMOTION: Its fine to promote communities as long as they are Hilary or graphics related!
Put all large banners or signs (if the banner covers your User Icon, it's too big) behind a cut or your post will be deleted! Thanks!


Now accepting affiliates. Affilites must be Hilary Duff, Graphics related, or something we fans could enjoy! To become an affiliate please contact lethia or joemacsanne!

http://www.hduff.net/ http://www.hduff.net/iluvhil/ http://hilarylove.com/ http://www.hilaryduff.org/ http://www.oh-hilary.com/ http://www.hilaryduffland.com http://www.girlcanrock.com/ http://www.hilaryonline.net/ http://www.hil-duff.net/ hilacious/ http://starringhilary.vze.com/ http://miss-duff.org/ http://www.hilary-duff.net/main.php http://www.hilary-d.org/ http://www.hilary-online.org/ hilarydrama.com

Open only to members of this community - please join to submit your icon/vote
Challenges will be hosted every second week - posted on Sundays, with voting on the following Fridays
Icon must be LJ compatible - 100x100px/40kb or less
Both animated/still icons are welcome
One entry per person per challenge
Do not promote your icon before voting has ended
Submit as a comment to the posted challenge - all comments will be screened and remain hidden
Banners will be made for all winners

*updated*PAST WINNERS*updated*
(list is also kept in the group memories)

Thank you and have fun!